Conxi Pérez Andreu

My name is Conxi Pérez Andreu, born in Barcelona many years ago! . If you ask me what my town is in my heart, I will tell you that it is Besalú (Girona), where part of my family comes from, and the place to which I feel very linked, because I was living there for a long time in my childhood. And another city that has amazed me in how it has changed and evolved , it is Bilbao, where I was living during for several years.

My will to act, from a professional point of view, is based on three aspects:

➡️ Being fully myself in order to contribute to building a better environment regarding the way of doing things in companies, and to ensure that this will help, on the one hand, to achieve their results and sustainability, and on the other hand, to humanize them.

➡️ Linking generations. I think the past is important, to learn from it and build a future. At the same time, understanding new opportunities, challenges and our young people … being able to talk and listen in between different generations and to understand each other is what I see it as very much needed.

➡️ Contributing to encouraging more girls, women, to commit to technology, science as their profession. There is a significant shortage, and without us, without full diversity, I’m concerned about the consequences of such a big gender gap. In my decisions and actions, I also bear in mind that it is a need to be addressed.

My motto is that everything happens thanks to people, in every way. And I keep this in mind in everything I do.

My driving force is to contribute to the growth of companies and their sustainability, from the development of the people with whom I collaborate. It is to drive forward projects of change and transformation, with the use of new technologies and good change management. Otherwise, I think, a lot of time, money and effort can be wasted.

I am a person who lives what I do, with passion and always open to learning. Faithful to my humble origins, which have shaped my way of doing things and understanding life, and my family, who I thank for their unconditional support . And with energy to keep on growing every day: through our daily experience, through people, applying new knowledge, through culture and diversity in general.

My interest in mathematics and technology led me to study Computer Engineering, in the branch of Artificial Intelligence. Having had to combine my studies with working resulted in developing my curiosity for companies, to know them and to live them!, and then completing my knowledge at Business Schools. All this allowed me to make my dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

I think that in order to work well with people, as a true team, you have to have done some work on yourself, to get to know yourself. Watch yourself. Discover yourself. I think these are essential steps to know how to listen. Among many other things, something as simple as our own caricature can be an element of observation. I dare to share mine with you!

You can find out about my professional life here

And giving you some additional information:

I’m certified in Advanced Project Managemen – Stanford, with the completion of the following courses: Converting strategy into action, Leadership for strategic execution, Executing complex programs, Project innovation through design thinking, Mastery of the project portfolio, Leading change from the middle

I’m a member of the Alumni-IESE institution and of ISACA organization. I’m a collegiate member of the Catalonia Society of Computer Engineers.

I’m an Associate at WA4STEAM and Secretary and member of Gender Comission at  DonesCOEINF , at Catalonia Society of Computer Engineers.


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