Sharing: A way of living and feeling.

I decided to start my blog the year of my 50 birthday, nothing more and nothing less!

I feel very proud and happy to be able to do that, at 50. I perceive the energy for it and I have the hope that through sharing my experience, my point of view, I will have the opportunity to broaden my point of view, and reflect on other ways of looking at a certain subject. I am sure of that.

I want to tell you how I understand and see our daily and future challenges, from different angles. And the first thing I’m going to do is share with you some of my pillars.


And as a complete person, when we express ourselves and we speak, we do it from everything that we have integrated. In my case: as a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, businesswoman and technology professional, student and observer, executive and, of course, as a dreamer of a better future for our children!

Therefore, I invite you not to give all of that up. Neither in the personal nor in the professional sphere.

Developing yourself completely is part of a daily job that I encourage you to join in if you do not do it already. To me it makes me feel a human being in all its fullness, makes me feel much better with myself. And, without a doubt, the people around me benefit from that. I think it’s worth it!

It is like letting the sea flow in all its fullness. Listen to it. Imagine that.


I am a person that every day thanks for a new opportunity to enjoy life, come what may come. It is not always easy. Life puts us face to face with crossroads, challenges and moments that sometimes make us doubt. And therein lies our wealth: There is always a reason to smile. Always. I encourage you to look for yours!


From the moment I wake up every morning, I see lots of opportunities to learn and elements to discover. In things, in people, in cultures, in experiences, in disappointments, in frustrations, in joy and in defeat. From our elders, from our children, from our neighbours, from our colleagues at work, from those we do not like and those we do.
Being open to feeding on new things, studying new concepts, listening to other voices, or looking at things with other eyes makes me feel that I am expanding my world. And it’s a feeling I like and which gives me energy.


I have gone through many moments of happiness, of joy and others of pain, and of uncertainty. I have been fortunate to have my family close to me, and my friends. I give every day of my life thanks for this, and for what I can enjoy and live. And I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with many different people throughout my professional and personal life. I want to continue to do so with the same intensity. And I thank you for devoting part of your time to get to know my outlook.


Concentrating on and proposing an attainable goal, a reason for being of the day, a state of mind, a concrete attitude, all of which gives me much inner strength. And from that strength I contribute to both the professional and the personal sphere around me.
What is your purpose?

My outlook

The activity that I am passionate about is helping programs and projects of transformation in companies and organizations to become a reality. In my experience, we must collaborate with energy, humility, respect, and with a global vision and integrity.

Living in keeping with what you think will be evident in what you say and do or stop doing. I get energy from the principles and values ​​that identify me … with a little gym and yoga! And I put them into practice on a daily basis.

I leave you with a link to inspire you: Elsa Punset’s “Little Revolutions”